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    Psychology/ Sociology

    Introductory Psychology

    Course Description:

                The semester course is designed to introduce students to the study of mental processes and behavior of themselves, humans, and animals.  Students will receive a general overview of several facets of psychology.  Particular attention will be paid to the idea that individual changes can yield positive life-long results.

    Unit #1- Introduction and Foundations

                Introduction and Foundations

                Biological Foundations of Behavior

                Relationship Between Nature and Nurture

    Unit #2- Learning and Cognition

                Basic Principles of Learning


                Cognition, Language, and Intelligence

    Unit #3- Developmental Psychology and The Self

                Developmental Psychology

                Motivation and Emotion


    Unit #4- Social Context

                Social Psychology

                Psychology in Workplace




    Unit #1- 5 weeks

    Unit #2- 4weeks

    Unit #3- 6 weeks

    Unit #4- 3 weeks


    Tests(s) and quizzes                50%

    Classroom participation           25%

    Project / homework                25%

     Requirements/ Expectations

    ·         This is a participation intensive course.  Students are expected to prepare for and actively participate in classroom discussion/ lecture/ group work.  Anyone not willing to positively participate in course is asked not to register.

    ·         Classroom participation will equate to 25% or more of the course grade.  Participation in discussions, posing questions from text(s), and being an active member of the class is paramount.





    Semester Course (18 weeks)

    Unit #1- Introduction to Sociology (3 weeks)

    Unit #2- Culture and Social Structures (6 weeks)

    Unit #3- Social Stratification (4 weeks)

    Unit #4- Social Institutions (5 weeks)



    Tests(s) and quizzes                50%

    Classroom participation         25%

    Project / homework                25%


    Course Overview

                The sociology semester course will be an overview of society and both positive and negative aspects of the socializing that takes place within a school, town, state, and country.  The course wil include independent reading/ research.  Class discussion and participation will be paramount.

    Unit #1-

                Origins of Sociology-

                Theoretical Prospectives-

                Research Methods-


                Procedures and Ethics in research-




    Unit #2-

                Basis and language of culture

                Norms and values

                Beliefs and Material Culture

                Cultural Similarities and Differences


                Self, identity, changes/maturation of self

                Process of socialization

                Social Structure- roles, status, groups, networks

    Unit #3-

                Social classes, poverty, social mobility

                Race, gender, age prejudice and discrimination


    Unit #4-

                Family- marriage in United States and change

                Education- structure, function, conflict




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