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    Millersburg Middle School PE

    Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year. Middle school physical education has many expectations and responsibilities. They are as follows:

    Student Responsibilities
    -You must participate in every class. If you feel as if you cannot partake in PE, you are responsible to get an excuse.
    -A note from home, signed by a parent or guardian is permitted one time throughout the marking period.
    -If you are injured and cannot participate in class, a doctor’s excuse is required.
    -If you are injured in class, please tell the teacher so the proper steps can be taken to help you.
    -You must bring a change of clothes to class. Tee shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are acceptable. Sneakers must be worn.

    Students are graded on participation, assessments, and written assignments. Grading is based upon a points system. Each student can achieve a maximum of five points per class period. Points are deducted for the following:
    -3 points for not changing or bringing sneakers. An alternate means of assessment must be completed if you do not participate.
    -2 points for poor sportsmanship
    -2 points for poor participation

    The focus of middle school physical education is team sports. It is important that students learn to cooperate and work well together. We cover almost all the sports that the high school offers. We also incorporate physical fitness into the curriculum.

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Last Modified on February 16, 2018