• Useful and Fun Websites

    ABC YA!
    Grade Specific, multi-subject

    Spelling City

    Enter in a list and then test yourself or play a game to review!

    Spelling Time

    Create a custom list or choose from one in the program's bank.  You can then learn, practice, and test on each list.

    See 'N Spell

    Drag and spell site for primary grades--great for SMARTboards.

    Spell with Flickr

    Type in your word and see it spelled out in pictures.

    Discovery Education Puzzle Maker

    Create a variety of word puzzles with spelling and/or vocabulary words.

    BBC Skillwise

    Breaks spelling down into individual skills; each skill has a lesson, game, and quiz.

    Between the Lions Videos

    While more primary in nature, this set of videos includes songs about vowel patterns, blends, and more.

    Star Fall

    A primary site including several stories and games.


    A collection of stories for download in mP3, text, or PDF format.

    Storyline Online

    A number of titles read by celebrities.


    A site that allows you to create a bookshelf, create and discuss reviews.

    Words and Pictures

    Primary site that focuses on the basics of reading and phonics.

    BrainPop Jr.

    Fun tutorials for the brain in all areas.

Last Modified on October 10, 2011