• Current Math Topic
     Number Review 1-12
     Understanding Touch Math
     Touch the larger number and count up to add
    Understanding Addition
    1.Part: a piece of a whole

    2. Whole: Put the parts together to make a whole or Sum.

    3.Addend: The numbers you add together to find the whole or the sum.
    4. Sum equals two or more parts, added together to make a whole.
    5. Addition fact to 12
    Understanding Subtraction Touch Math
    To subtract you touch the larger number say it's name and count back.
    1. Subtraction fact to 12
    2. Look for the larger number and count back to subtract!!!
    Identifying Plane Shapes
    Identifying Solid Figures
    Keep reviewing all math facts!
    Units 11 and 12
    Working and understanding tens and ones to one hundred.
    It is time to Tell Time!!!
    We are working on telling time to the hour and half hour.
     Words to remember:
    inch,   foot,  and,  yard.
     Unit 13: is on Money

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