• Students in the middle school are using a Carnegie Math Textbook.  The books are consumable which allows students to remove only the chapter on which they are working.  Consequently, there are no extra textbooks.  Instead, the Carnegie Math Learning Textbook comes with an excellent online resource.  Not only is the textbook online but so are the skills practice and assignment worksheets that go with the book.  There are also links to additional middle school resources as well as educational information.   There is also information on customer support including email, phone and chat connections. 

    In addition to the textbook and worksheet information, there is also a link to the software program that matches the Carnegie book.  This software program is called MATHia.  Students will be working on MATHia during school but I also encourage them to work on it from home.  The software connects to what the students are learning here at school. Below are the links to the Carnegie login page, the MATHia Log In information as well as the MATHia scavenger hunt the students used the first time they logged into the software.  


    Link to Carnegie Website

    MATHia Log In Information

    MATHIA Scavenger Hunt

    Carnegie Parent Letter

Last Modified on February 16, 2018