• Homework Philosophy:

      Homework may be assigned to students over weekends and weeknights.  Both 6th and 8th graders will receive work over some weekends to prepare them for the workload facing them as 7th and 9th graders.
        8th graders will be given assignments that will need to be completed outside of class.  Students must be aware of due dates and time constraints.  Students are given daily reminders of upcoming due dates and daily homework assignments.  Students must learn to budget their time and continue to work to complete assignments by the due date.

    Homework is seen as an extension of learning that takes place during the school day.


    Homework provides the parents with an understanding of topics being covered within the general 6th and 8th grade Social Studies curriculum.


    All homework is to be completed by the student and turned in for grading the next school day UNLESS directed otherwise. If extenuating circumstances exist, please contact me so that homework arrangements can be made.


    Students report card grades consists of test scores, quiz scores, participation, homework and projects.


    Failure to complete assignments will affect the individual student grade. Unless students are working in a group, all homework grades, test, quiz and participation scores are based on individual performance.

    Check your child's planner and or my website each night for daily homework assignments, assessment dates, project due date and to make sure your child is utilizing his/her planner.

Last Modified on February 15, 2018