• 6th Grade Social Studies:


    • 6th Gr Social Studies is a year long course about ancient civilizations.


    • Students are required to have note cards for each lesson to make flash cards.  Flash cards are used to help students review vocabulary as the content this year will be challenging.


    • Students use a classroom copy of the same textbook housed in Rm 26 during FLEX periods.


    • Students need to bring homework, pencil, composition book, notecards and folder to class daily.


    • All tests and quizzes are announced prior to any assessment.  It is the students' responsibility to write in the planner daily assignments.  Assignments are posted on the calendar in front of the classroom and posted on my school website daily for parents and students to check at their convienence.


    • Students will be assessed with vocabulary quizzes, chapter tests, projects, homework and classroom participation.


    • Students are responsible for seeing the teacher in order to receive missed assignments and completing the required work. This applies to any absence from the classroom: illness, band lessons, office requests, doctor appointments, early dismissals and such. 


Last Modified on February 16, 2018