Where did the summer go?  I cannot believe that we are already into the 2017-2018 school year.  6th grade students were issued textbooks. The textbook they received in class is to stay at home.  There are copies of the book here at school for your child to use on a daily basis.  Please encourage your student to keep the book covered even though it is at home to minimize and damage that may occur to the book.
      8th graders also received their textbooks; however, they WILL need to bring the textbook to class each day. Please make sure your student (Both 6th and 8th grade) has completed the Textbook Condition Sheet and that you as well as your student have signed it and returned it to me. 
    6th grade will start the year by  reviewing the unit on Latitude and Longitude. A test will follow at the end of the review of this unit.
    8th grade will begin the year discussing the Articles of Confederation and the newly created form of government after the Revolutionary War.  Students will have section quizzes, unit test, written homework and projects to complete. 
    Parents please make sure to check the homework portion of this web page for daily homework assignments and upcoming assessments and or projects. It has the most up to date information to help your child be successful in my classes. 
    Together we can help your child have a great year!
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Last Modified on August 30, 2017