• Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

    I cannot believe that we are more than halfway through the schoolyear!  6th grade students are currently working on the ancient Greek civilization.  Students were issued textbooks at the beginning of the year. This textbook was to remain at home for students to use to complete homework.  There are copies of the book here at school for your child to use on a daily basis if they so choose to do during FLEX on days 1,2,3,4,and 5.  Please encourage your student to keep the book covered even though it is at home to minimize and damage that may occur to the book.
      8th grade is currently working on the concept of Manifest Destiny during the years 1810-1853.  Eighth grade students also received their textbooks at the beginning of the year, however, they WILL need to bring the textbook to class each day as I do not have enough copies to issue a classroom set and a set for home.
    Parents please make sure to check the homework portion of this web page for daily homework assignments and upcoming assessments and or projects. It has the most up to date information to help your child be successful in my classes. 
    Together we can help your child have a great year!
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Last Modified on February 16, 2018