•   PE Syllabus

    Student Responsibilities
    You must participate in every class. If you feel you cannot take PE, you are responsible to get an excuse.
    A note from home, signed by a parent or guardian is permitted one time throughout the marking period.
    If you are injured and cannot participate in class, a doctor's excuse is required.
    You must bring a change of clothes to class. T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and sweatshirts are acceptable. Sneakers must be worn.

    Grading is based on a points system. Each student can achieve a maximum of five points per class period. Points are deducted for the following:
    -2 points for not dressing or bringing sneakers to class. An alternate means of assessment must be completed if students do not participate in class.
    -2 points for poor sportsmanship
    -2 points for poor participation
    -1 point for being late

    Middle School Physical Education focuses on team sports and physical fitness. The students participate in every sport that the high school offers, with the exception of golf and wrestling.  This enables students to get an idea of what they may want to pursue as they progress with their schooling. Team sports allow students to learn essential lifelong skills, such as cooperation and teamwork. 

    Girls PE will meet every other day throughout the year.
    We just began the basketball unit.  Students will practice fundamental basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and team work. 


Last Modified on March 9, 2018