• 7th Grade English/Language Arts Classes 2017-2018



    Prentice-Hall Writing and Grammar and Prentice-Hall Literature

    The texts focus on incorporating grammar and good organizational skills into the writing process. Classes will also study a variety of literature from several genres, as well as individually chosen novels. Supplementary vocabulary handouts will be used. Research materials for term papers will be available here at MMS. The internet will also be used for research and we will follow all usage policy standards for the computer lab or use of Chromebooks.


    Each student is expected to do his/her own best work. Plagiarism or copying will not be tolerated. Illegible assignments will be returned for rewriting. We will complete reading and writing assignments that will then be used along with grammar review packs to hone students’ skills in all areas of grammar and usage. Narrative, argumentative, and informational writing assignments will be covered. Vocabulary and spelling units will be assigned. Speeches and creative projects are incorporated into the curriculum.

    Bring: Binder, pencil, all handouts, completed homework, Power School access information, Google passwords


    Kept Here: Journals, textbooks, all tests and quizzes, projects for display, writing folder


    Grading: A point system will be used to determine the students’ grades. Rubrics for writing assignments and projects will be displayed in the room and on the website. Parents may make an appointment to view graded work and discuss progress.

    Homework: All graded homework assignments will be given a point value. Late work receives no credit because we go over all the answers in class. All assignments are to be turned in. Absent students will be given appropriate deadlines to turn in work, following school policy.

    Help: Mrs. Troutman will be available for extra help from 7:40-8:00 a.m. each school day, from 3:05-3:25 p.m. M-W-F, and from 3:10-4:10 T-Th. Other times are by appointment. A pass can be issued to make up tests/quizzes or receive writing help during the school day, for example, during FLEX. Just ask. 

    Email: troutmans@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us


    Class Rules:                1. Be respectful.

                                      2. Be responsible for your materials and with your time.

                                      3. Be ready to learn when the bell rings.

                                      4. Participate in class activities; ask questions if you are confused.




    Current Vocab List and Game Link

    Mob, Mot, Mov Word List:
    a passenger vehicle that moves*automobile
    to move down in rank or status*demote
    the ability to move from place to place*locomotion
    capable of moving or being moved*mobile
    being able to move about freely*mobility
    to coordinate or move people or things around for a purpose*mobilize
    the power to move or the process of changing place/position*motion
    to do something to make a person move into action*motivate
    to move to a higher grade, rank, or job or to advocate*promote
    the act of moving something away*removal
    Grad, Gress List
    hostile or pushy*aggressive
    to step down in rank or belittle someone*degrade
    to step away from a topic*digress
    a step-by-step change*gradual
    to move up a step in education*graduate
    to move a step in a positive direction*progress
    a sequence within a series*progression
    to go back*regress
    to move up a step or level or improve in quality*upgrade


    Pos Word List
    a word or phrase placed next to another word in order to define or identify it*apposition
    to put ideas into writing; to write a musical piece; to create or produce*compose
    to remove from office or power; to take out of place; to put down*depose
    to put money into an account*deposit
    to put something out for others to see*expose
    something that is a burden to someone else; to put your needs above someone else's to the point that it's a burden for others*imposition
    to place side-by-side for the purpose of comparing and contrasting*juxtapose
    to put something up on a board for everyone to see; to display*post
    a plan or offer that is usually put down in writing*proposal
    to put into a different order or place; to reverse or transfer the order*transpose
    Sid, Sed, Sess Word List and Game
    a property evaluator*assessor
    an executive officer in charge of an organization*president
    to settle into a place to live*reside
    a home*residence
    a closed automobile that seats four people*sedan
    to help someone calm or settle down*sedate
    medicine that helps someone calm or settle down*sedative
    fixed to one spot; lazy or still*sedentary
    the solid material that settles to the bottom of a liquid*sediment
    a meeting, class, or assembly*session
    Log Word List and Game
    words that compare*analogy
    words expressing regret*apology
    a conversation*dialog
    a short section at the end of a book/play directed to the audience*epilogue
    kind words spoken about a dead person; high praise*eulogy
    an official record*logbook
    reasonable words that make sense*logical
    a word, symbol, or trademark*logo
    a long speech made by one person, such as a comedian*monologue
    introduction/ an introductory chapter*prologue
    Onym, Ono!!! List and Game 
    an abbreviation formed combining the first letters in words in a series*acronym
    not named, unknown*anonymous
    an opposite*antonym
    a person for whom something has been named*eponym
    words spelled alike with different meanings and pronunciations*heteronym
    words pronounced alike with different spellings and meanings*homonyms
    words that imitate sounds or that to which they refer*onomatopoeia
    strings of words that sound the same*oronym
    a fictitious or false name*pseudonym
    words that have the same meaning*synonym 
    Tain, Ten, Tent Word List and Game
    to hold back by choice*abstain
    to hold*contain
    to keep from proceeding*detain
    a form of punishment that holds a student after school*detention
    to offer, stretch, or spread out*extend
    rights of ownership*patent
    something that holds something else in*retainer
    a holder of the right to live in a residence*tenant
    fibrous tissue holding muscle to bone*tendon
    uncertain or hesitant*tentative
    Fer Word List and Game
    a driver*chauffeur
    the distance around circle*circumference
    a meeting bringing people together*conference
    to carry a different opinion*differ
    highly productive*fertile
    to guess or conclude based on info*infer
    to propose or present ideas*offer
    to value more highly one thing over another*prefer
    a recommendation, usually in writing*referral
    to bring something from one place to another*transfer 
    Cap Word List and Game
    able to do something*capable
    the ability to take in/hold*capacity
    to make the most of something*capitalize
    to flip over or overturn*capsize
    a title or short description of a picture*caption
    to take possession of something or to take someone*capture
    to take the head off of something*decapitate
    to take in or encase*encapsulate
    to get free or take a path away*escape
    to summarize*recapitulate
    Pel, Puls List and Game 
    to force someone to do something or drive them to action*compel
    to force out of one's mind*dispel
    to force to leave*expel
    to motivate or drive forward*impel
    a sudden urge that produces action*impulse
    to force to move forward*propel
    to beat or vibrate in short bursts*pulsate
    to drive back or ward off*repel
    a substance used to drive away insects/animals*repellent
    disgusting; offensive*repulsive 
    Stat Word List:
    extreme joy*ecstatic
    large property; one's possessions*estate
    not active; to stay with no motion*static
    a position where one is assigned*station
    not moving*stationary
    one's height, an upright position*stature
    position in society*status
    unchanging, staying the same*status quo
    a law, a rule*statute
    a device that responds to temperature*thermostat

    Pend- Word List and Game
    extra material at the end of a book*appendix
    relying on someone else for aid/support*dependent
    an expense*expenditure
    about to occur*impending
    NOT relying on someone else for support*independent
    an object that hangs from a necklace*pendant
    something not yet decided*pending
    something that hangs and swings back and forth*pendulum
    intersecting at or forming right angles*perpendicular
    hanging or delayed*suspended
    Cogni, Sci Words
    process of knowing*cognition
    to be aware of one's surroundings*cognizant
    source of ethics; knowing right from wrong*conscience
    thorough; extremely careful*conscientious
    all knowing*omniscient
    to know from past experience*recognize
    an expert in science*scientist
    showing amateur-like knowledge*sciolistic
    not governed by conscience*unconscionable
    identity concealed*incognito
    Sens, Sent Words
    having fond memories*sentimental
    someone who feels the same way*assenter
    showing good reason or judgment*sensible
    to make less sensitive*desensitize
    affected by the feelings of others*sensitive
    to feel bitter or upset*resent
    an opinion held by a group*consensus
    spectacular, outstanding*sensational
    to disagree or differ*dissent
    Duct-, Duc Words List and Game
    to kidnap*abduct
    a water channeling system*aqueduct
    tending to cause or bring about*conducive
    to lead to a conclusion*deduce
    the amount to be taken out; a subtraction*deduction
    the payment owed before an expense is covered by insurance*deductible
    to bring into a group*introduce
    the opening or section that leads into a book*introduction
    to bring forth*produce
    to take down to a smaller form*reduce
    Flu, Flux Word List and Game 
    wealth or a great quantity*affluence
    a flowing together at one point*confluence
    an outflow*effluence
    to vary or flow up and down unpredictably*fluctuate
    graceful or able to flow smoothly*fluent
    a liquid or gas*fluid
    a tall, narrow shape designed for a smooth flow*fluted
    having the power to make things flow*influential
    a mass arrival*influx
    overflow, more than enough; an overabundance*superfluous 
    Aud-, Son-, Phon- Word List and Game 
    repetition of vowel sounds in successive words*assonance
    able to be heard*audible
    the sound portion of a broadcast*audio
    a large room that accommodates an audience*auditorium
    harsh, noisy, or disturbing sounds*cacophony
    a record player*phonograph
    to vibrate or repeat in sound*resonate
    a poem with 14 lines with conventional rhyme scheme*sonnet
    music/words produced by multiple people that sound as one*unison 
    Tact-, Tang-, Tag- Word List and Game
    condition of touching*contact
    transmitting illness by touch*contagious
    sharing a boundary or edge, touching*contiguous
    to twist together*entangle
    not damaged by touch*intact
    perceptible to the touch*tactile
    touching at a single point, but not intersecting; digression*tangent
    able to be touched*tangible
    touching in a snarl*tangled
    a sharp taste or flavor*tangy
    Clud-, Clus-, Claus Words 
    a group of words forming a sentence*clause
    abnormal fear of enclosed spaces*claustrophobia
    a group of similar things close together*cluster
    to close an event, movie, or book*conclude
    to surround on all sides*enclose
    to keep out*exclude
    private; closed to those not permitted*exclusive
    to prevent from a given activity*preclude
    preferring to be isolated and alone*reclusive
    kept apart from others; closed off*secluded
    Summer of My German Soldier 
    Ch 1-3 Vocab List and Link to Game:

    resolute*firmly determined
    banish*to drive away, evict
    conviction*belief or determination
    obligated*made responsible
    fastidious*particular, careful
    auburn*reddish brown
    lavish*more than is needed



      Vocab 4-6 list and game
    persimmons*sour orange/red fruit

    anoint*to oil for sacred purpose

    wither*to shrivel up



    jostled*pushed or bumped

    engulf*to swallow up

    trestle*supportive framework

    mahogany*red-brown wood

    moron*a fool

    middy*medium-length dress

    contradict*to say/do the opposite


    saboteurs*destroyers of property





    SOMGS 7-9 List and Game Link

    yummy to taste*palatable                                            



    degrade*belittle/make fun of                                               

    embankment*raised earth                                   

    implicate*involve in an operation


    inconsolable*unable to be comforted                  


    imminent*about to happen



    SOMGS Vocab Chapters 12-16


    Foul smelling*putrid
    largest, first*prominent
    glowing, filled with light*luminous
    fallen to pieces*disintegrated
    committed (as in a crime)*perpetrated
    land, territory*terrain
    giving in or agreeing with*conceding
    open to to willing to listen*receptive
    ungodly, profane*blasphemy






    to make clear*clarify

    searched, scrubbed*scoured





    a fantasy*reverie














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