• Intro to Microsoft Word - Sixth Grade

    Efficient keyboard and computer operation is a necessary skill for the majority of occupations.  Keyboarding is an expected tool for communication throughout one's life.  It is considered as important a skill as being able to print and write well.

    Learning to use the keyboard competently should be viewed as learning to use a tool that assists a students to work in the technological framework of the 21st century.  All students will benefit greatly from knowing that they can write, edit their work, and communicate easily with others while using the keyboard.  Good keyboarding skills will aid students as they research, write and solve problems and communicate with others.
    Students in sixth grade will review the alphabetic keyboard and use a free website called Nitrotype to practice and enhance their keyboarding skills.
    Students will learn the functions of Microsoft Word 2016 and Google Docs.  Students will learn to research, compose and site sources to complete reports, letters and other documents that acquired skills can be applied to other classes. 

Last Modified on August 30, 2017