• Middle School Physical Education will meet every other day throughout the school year.  Physical Education class work focuses on team sports and physical fitness.  Students will participate in all sports that the high school offers except for golf and wrestling.  The goal of our physical education course work is to move students towards lifelong participants in physical activity and to explore the benefits physical activity throughout ones lifetime can have on the body.  Team sports throughout the units allows students to acquire lifelong skills, such as cooperation and teamwork.



    Students can earn up to 5 points a day for particpating in P.E. Studnts will be deducted points for the following:

    -Failure to dress for class (atheltic clothing and shoes required).

    -Poor sportsmanship.

    -Lack of participation.

    -Showing up late to class.

    -Failure to follow established rules and guidelines for the gym and P.E. as a whole.


    Additionally, students will take a brief cognitive quiz at the end of each unit.


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at karmannj@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us or via the mail schooll line at 717-692-2108.

Last Modified on March 9, 2018