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    Mystery Readers!

    I am looking for parents or other special adults who would be willing to be our “mystery reader” on a Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. for 15 – 20 minutes to read.  As a mystery reader, you have several options. You could read one of your or your child’s favorite children’s books, do a storytelling, or read a book I choose for you. I will also ask you a few questions about when you were learning to read, what types of books were your favorites, and how you use reading today as an adult.  The children will not know who the

    mystery reader is until the reader arrives on Friday. On Monday of each mystery reader week, I will begin to give clues about the reader. Each day, another clue will be added to the list, and children will predict who they think will be visiting the classroom. For this reason, I will ask you to please not tell your child if and when you will be reading. If this is something you would like to do, please write a note and send it back to me in a sealed envelope.  Grandparents or other special adults are welcome. Either way, I need the following information:


    The form asks you to send five clues about yourself.  Examples of clues I might give:


    1.I like to read.

    2.I have blue eyes.

    3.My favorite place to visit is Ocean City, NJ

    4.I love to cook.

    5.I am a teacher.


Last Modified on June 15, 2016