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    Welcome to Kindergarten

    Kindergarten has long been viewed as a special time in a child’s life. A classroom full of five and six year old children is buzzing with excitement, movement, and joy. For some students, kindergarten is their first experience in formal schooling. For others, it is a continuation from preschool programs. Kindergarten is special and it is a crucial time for development of learning skills, social and emotional skills and academics. 

    It is my goal as a kindergarten teacher to provide students with a child centered, developmentally appropriate, evidence based, and balanced full-time kindergarten program that meets Pennsylvania State requirements and standards, including The Pennsylvania Common Core. A high quality full-time kindergarten program supports whole child development in social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language, literacy and math skills through richly integrated experiences.

    My Classroom Principles

    *Families are children’s first and most important teachers


    *Family, school, and community will collaborate to support each child’s growth and development.


    *Kindergarten will recognize and support differences in the needs, skil

    ls and abilities of children as they develop as individuals.


    *Children thrive in environments that are safe, positive, play-based, and age appropriate.


    *All children are capable and competent learners.


    *Kindergarten provides high quality learning opportunities that arebalanced between child-initiated and teacher-guided.


    *Kindergarten is a transition year and a bridge between early learning experiences and the K-12 system.

Last Modified on June 15, 2016