• The Keystone Exams are given to all algebra students in the school district. They are a state mandated test and are required for graduation.  As middle school students, the scores on the exam are not only a graduation requirement, but also a requirement for math placement in ninth grade.  Students must score proficient or advanced on the exam to take geometry their freshman year.
    Below are some study tools algebra students can use to help them prepare for the Keystone Exams.  The study guide was taken from an old algebra book and gives a brief lesson on how to do the concepts being tested.  It is followed by a few questions and then an answer key at the end of the "chapter".  The multiple choice questions cover five concept areas being tested but have no instruction.  They too are followed by an answer key. There are also released open-ended questions from PDE's website.  Your child can work through these and also look at how good responses are given.  There are also questions from the SAS website, released from PDE. A student's success on this exam depends not only what is taught in the classroom, but also the active role they take in their education.  I would encourage you to have your son or daughter work on as many of the packets as possible.
Last Modified on September 1, 2016