• Why take mathematics?
    Mathematics in high school is most often associated with numbers and finding that ever-changing x.  Although playing a significant role, these calculations with numbers and variables are only a part of the bigger ideas we will investigate.   Building on previous knowledge, identifying new patterns and improving problem solving skills are my goals for all students. 
    Mathematics can be thought of as the language of science.  Being able to gather, organize and make predictions from data are themes students will encounter in biology, chemistry and physics.  But there is more!  Developing and practicing these skills (gather, organize, apply) are equally valued by the English, social studies, industrial arts, physical education, art, music, family and consumer science, foreign language, and business departments.  Beyond our school walls, all lines of work and industry want persons with an ability to problem solve! 
    Additionally, the purpose of your experiences and learning is sometimes a moving target.  We are probably not even aware of the future's innovations and situations to be troubleshot.  You may be building a foundation of knowledge that can be used to tackle a problem that did not exist when you were in school. 
    Hopefully this gives a little perspective on the eternal question, "When am I ever going to use this?". 

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Last Modified on September 1, 2015