• Graphing Quiz

    There will be a graphing quiz on Wednesday, November 15 and Thursday, November 16.

    Students should be able to graph lines in Slope-Intercept Form and Standard Form.

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  • Quarter 2 Homework

    Thursday, October 26:

        Page 241 #36-40 from Algebra book


    Friday, November 3:

        Unit 2 Study Guide and Bonus due second half of next block day (November 7 or 8 depending on period) I will give the first half of the block to work but I also have a practice test/answer key available for students during that time.


    Friday, November 10:

        Graphing Worksheet and Standard Form Coeffiecients Homework on Canvas


    Tuesday, November 14:

        Graphing Homework to be graded on completion

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  • Academic Support

    Academic Support is now in full swing! If you need help with homework or just need a quiet place to work after school here is the Academic Support schedule:


    Monday: Mr. Foust in Room A130

    Tuesday: Ms. Ford in Room D204

    Wednesday: Mrs. Zimmerman in Room A132

    Thursday: Mrs. Barcavage in Room A149


    Should one of these teachers ever be absent on their Academic Support day, an announcement will be made at the end of the day to let students know which teacher is taking their place. Alternate teachers who may hold Academic Support are Mrs. Olivia Hepler and Mr. Peterson.

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  • Algebra I Class Syllabus

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  • Link to Canvas

    Below is the link to access your school Canvas account. Log in with your Google credentials. Make sure your username is username@mlbgsd.org





    Image result for canvas online learning


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