**Week 29: 3/19 - 3/23/18**
    In week 29 we will finish 8.2 with practice on Monday. The block period Tues./Wed. will all be about 8.3: Proving a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram. Thursday will be a review of 8.1-8.3 and Friday is the 8.1-8.3 Quiz!
    UPDATE: 1st and 3rd period still have their quiz on Friday, but 2nd and 4th period will have their quiz on Tuesday 4/27 because of the snow day.


    => Don't forget that there is Math tutoring from 3:20 - 4:20 every Monday and Wednesday after school. Mr. Foust and Ms. Zimmerman are the tutors. I am a fill-in when one of them cannot make it. They both can help you with anything math related, so don't hesitate to go see one of them! A little extra effort goes a long way.
     Geometry: Syllabus is attached with information on course description and expectations.