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    The Wilson Reading System (WRS) is the flagship program of Wilson Language Training and the foundation of all other Wilson programs. Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, WRS is a highly-structured remedial program that directly teaches the structure of the language to students and adults who have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies, or who may require multisensory language instruction.

    Fundations, is a component of Wilson, it is designed to supplement existing literature-based reading programs in general education classes for 25-30 minute daily lessons. It is also highly appropriate for the lowest 30 percent of the children who may be at risk for reading or writing difficulties. In this case, students should receive additional instruction 3-5 times per week

    Multi Line Paper  - Sky, Plane, Grass, and Worm for SmartBoard
    One Line Paper -  Sky, Plane, Grass, and Worm for SmartBoard
    Wilson Letter Tiles SmartBoard- Word Building letters only
    Fundation magnet Letters for SmartBoard-  letters only
    Letter Sort Kindergarten Beginning Sound Letter Sort
    Wilson powerpoint- No pictures just letters

    Picture Clues- glued sounds

    Alphabet Letter Game
Last Modified on December 20, 2013