• During Language Arts time in our class, students read novels in the genre that we are studying.  Sometimes everyone reads the same book, like with our first book club of the year when we all read the realistic fiction story, "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing."  
    As a final project for "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," students worked in cooperative groups to create a book trailer for the story.  First, we discussed the main events of the story and completed a plot structure diagram:  introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.  Then students had to complete a storyboard of the text and pictures they wanted to include.  Some groups took their own photos, while others used photos from the internet.  After that, they typed their text and inserted their pictures into Photostory to create the final book trailer.  Last, they checked their work using a checklist of required elements.
    Click on the links below to see book trailers for each group:

    Sometimes we are all reading different stories.  Up next, we will be studying the mystery genre.  Students will be able to choose a book from the "Boxcar Children" series to read for this book club.

    During a book club, students will complete the assigned readings while making observations about what they are reading on sticky notes. Throughout the week, they will meet with their book club group to share and discuss what they are reading.
     Check out "Ways to Write Sticky Notes"
Last Modified on November 27, 2013