Eighth Grade Health


      Eighth grade health begins with the skeletal and muscular systems.  Students are responsible for learning various bones and muscles, their functions, and how they help the human body move.  Students also learn the structures of bones and muscles.  They are required to label the muscles and bones on the Smart Board and on the class skeleton. 


      The next unit is fitness.  Students learn the proper steps to create a safe work out and the importance of life-long fitness.  Then the chapter shifts to the cardiovascular system.  Students learn different parts of the heart, circulation, parts of blood, and ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.


      The last unit is the reproductive system.  Students learn the male and female anatomy, human development, and labor and delivery.  We then discuss abstinence and sexually transmitted infections.  We also talk about how the media bombards students with sexual images in movies, songs, ads, etc.

Last Modified on March 9, 2018