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    The English department recently changed the structure of the Senior English curriculum to better prepare seniors for their future endeavors. The new structure includes a study in Shakespeare's Hamlet along with other well-known pieces of world literature including Don Quixote, Iliad, and Dante's Inferno.  In conjunction with the literature study, all seniors will still be required to participate in the Voice of Democracy contest sponsored by the Veterans of VFW and its Auxiliary.  Moreover, because the majority of the seniors in this section of Senior English showed interest in attending a technical school or joining the military, some class time will be devoted to presentations and/or field trips to nearby technical schools and possibly Indiantown Gap.  Please refer to the list of technical schools and military branches below.

    McCann  Triangle KTI Guard  
    In the second semester, the senior classes will rotate through all three of the English instructors "Workshops". These 6 week workshops will cover research writing, everyday speech/speaking skills, and resume writing and interviewing skills. The final assessment for all seniors will be an application of all of these skills in the form of a mock interview led by local employees in the seniors' designated fields of study/occupation interests.
    For my class specifically, we will use several websites and apps on a regular basis. The first of these is a website/app called Canvas. Canvas is a private and secure site that allows for the posting of all worksheets, reading excerpts, videos, on-line quizzes, polls, and student blogging. Parents may use the Parent app to  access the class site via their student; however, this view will be a read-only - parents will not be able to comment, take the quizzes, or access the files posted.  If interested in using the Parent app, please e-mail me for information at barcavaget@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us

    Parent link to Canvas

    Quizlet is a web-based/app study source. All of the vocabulary, commonly mis-used words, literary elements and devices, etc... will be kept on Quizlet. Students then can study the information in on-line flashcard format, printed flashcard format, game mode, glossary format, etc...
    TurnItIn.com is a plagiarism-deterring site which checks submitted essays against essays on the internet as well as those previously submitted by other Millersburg students for plagiarism. All formal essays, including the VOD, are submitted through TurnItIn.com.
     In addition to these required sites, students and parents are encouraged to utilize the other optional sites/apps established to keep all up-to-date on class happenings and class reminders. These sites include Remind 101, Facebook, and Twitter. 
    Remind   Remind101
    Facebook         Twitter

    Unit 1: The Iliad

     iliad   Click Here to Go To The Iliad Page...

    Unit 2: Shakespeare's Hamlet

    shakes  Click Here to Learn more about William Shakespeare and the Renaissance....

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