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    The concept behind READ 4 LIFE is that by allowing students the opportunity to read books that they enjoy as well as structured time to read them, students will find the hobby of reading a book more enjoyable, and thus become a life-long reader. Another goal of the program is to expose students to various genres and styles of writing through peer reviews, book talks, and other forms of recommendations.

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     Mrs. B's Recommended Authors:


    Ellen Hopkins - http://ellenhopkins.com/YoungAdult/


    Sarah Dessen - http://sarahdessen.com/


    Chris Crutcher - http:///www.chriscrutcher.com/


    Walter Dean Myers : http://walterdeanmyers.net/




     Read 4 Life Extra Credit:
    Read one of the books currently on the Read 4 Life bulletin board, rate it ("like"."dislike"), and write a short review of it on the class blog site (see link above) and receive extra credit and a badge. Collect all the badges by the end of the year, and receive a free book at the spring Scholastic book sale.
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