• As students enter the room for music class, there's always music playing. It could be anything. One of my goals as a music teacher is to expose the kids to as many different kinds of music as I can. The students are supposed to come in quietly and take their seats, listening to and watching what's on the Smartboard. Then we'll talk about it to give it some context. Maybe there's an unusual instrument (like a shawm!) or maybe the performer has incredible talent (like Bobby McFerrin!). Or maybe it might just be time for the kids to hear some Pink Floyd. Here's what's playing for the kids today:
    Tuesday, April 26 ----- Drumbone ----- Blue Man Group
    The Blue Man Group is actually a group of groups. There are several of them touring the world at any given time. They are percussionists and pseudo-magicians who specialize in coming up with new and unique ways to visualize and present music.
    To learn more about them, click here:
    As a reward for learning more about what's going on in music class today, here's an Asian man singing in German, yodeling, and clucking like a chicken. You're welcome.
Last Modified on April 26, 2016