• Senior Yearbook Portraits

    Free Yearbook Sessions at Colleen's (9-4:45 no appointment necessary)
    --Tuesday, June 12
    --Friday, June 29
    --Friday, July 13

    Guidelines for Senior Portraits:

    ·       Must be black and white

    ·       Must have a pure black background

    ·       Must be a headshot only—no full body shots

    ·       Must be a vertical picture (not horizontal or when we enter it in the yearbook, it will not fit properly)

    ·       No hats or other props!

    ·       Must submit a high resolution digital copy which will be used for the yearbook, student of the month in newspapers and graduates editions in the newspaper

    ·       Must submit a wallet size (3 ½” x 2 ½”) hard copy---this is for the Class of 2019 collage in the hallway.

    ·       Must submit photos to Ms. Robbins by September 7th.  No excuses!!!  This is a very important date.  Double check with your photographer to make arrangements to get photo to Ms. Robbins.  Colleen’s and Schlegel’s will normally drop off everyone’s at one time.

    ·       Give some thought to what you are going to wear.  You should dress nicely. 

    ·       You may go to a photographer of your choosing but these guidelines must be followed.

    ·       For students who do not get their photos taken over the summer, a makeup day will be held before school on a date to be announced in September.  This is free but there are no touch-ups.  The free sessions at Colleen's over the summer include touch-ups. 



    Misc info:


    ·       In September students will be asked to bring in a baby photo for in the yearbook so they may want to start selecting it over the summer.


    ·       In September students will bring home information about parent yearbook ads.  Ad costs are approximately $50 for 1/8 page, $80 for ¼ page, $125 for ½ page or $250 for a full page ad.