• 6th Grade Technology Education


               Sixth graders challenge their skills in rocketry as they design, build, and test an air pressurized rocket. These young rocketeers learn concepts such as aerodynamics, flight stability, and forces exerted on a flying object. Some rockets reach 400 feet!

    Sixth graders move onto power tools. They proficiently execute safe practices on machines such as the Scroll Saw, Belt and Disc Sander, Drill Press, Drum Sander, Palm Sander, and Random Orbital Sander. Cherry, Oak, and Walnut are the premium species of wood used at Millersburg. Students busy themselves as they manufacture oven widgets. What is an “oven widget”?  Please be patient and wait for your 6th grader to run home one day with his or her custom oven widget…


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Last Modified on June 12, 2014