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    Halifax STUCO Gift Card Fundraiser:
    Halifax HS Student Council will be hosting the Pennsylvania State Student Council conference next November.  Originally they were going to need host families for about 600 kids, however, because of their renovations as well as ours, holding the event locally is no longer an option. They are now going to hold it at the Hilton on 2nd Street in Harrisburg. This will bring more expenses for Halifax than they originally had budgeted, so now they are asking for our help by supporting a Gift Card fundraiser. This effort will benefit our council as well, as we are helping Halifax in man power to execute the event. 
    If you had planned on purchasing gift cards for Christmas presents anyway, now you could do so, but a portion of the cost would go to Halifax STUCO.  The available gift cards and amounts are on an order form which is attached.  Money and orders are due by the end of the day December 4 to a Millersburg HS STUCO member, Tracy Barcavage (barcavaget@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us) or Natalie Latshaw (latshawn@mlbgsd.k12.pa.us).
    Thank you for your support!
    Tracy and Natalie

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