• 7th Grade Technology Education

               In our construction unit, 7th graders design a bridge model which never makes it home. Why?  The answer is… we destroy them! Students utilize their engineering skills to fabricate a stable structure. Balsa wood, the material of choice, is one of the weakest woods known. This challenges our young constructors to use their ingenuity to sketch, cut, glue, and test their structures under the stress of Mr. B’s weights. So far, the record stands at 137 pounds!

                After the shock of collapsed balsa structures, students improve on their engineering skills of the previous year by designing a clock of their choosing.  It’s very exciting to see their creativity become a reality as they design a marketable clock.  The band saw is added to their choices of machinery as designs range from hearts, cats, rabbits, cars, baseballs, spaceships, letters, etc. By the time these clockmakers have completed the marking period, they have developed patience and an appreciation for construction and manufacturing.

    Wyatt   Clocks

Last Modified on June 12, 2014