• 8th Grade Technology Education

    In eighth grade, students fondly remember the dynamics of rocketry, the craftsmanship of the oven widget, the design of a strong bridge and the manufacturing steps of a clock. They are now ready to hone their experienced knowledge and try to articulate ideas through drafting.  Students learn how to view an object and create a multi-view drawing that illustrates a front view, top view, and a side view.

     After sketching various objects throughout the first half of the marking period, 8th grade drafters are ready to put their skills into action by designing a sleek, aerodynamic, dragster that is powered by a C02 cartridge.  The shop is utilized to first produce a styrofoam prototype before shaping the actual wooden blank.  Students learn how to revisit the drawing board to conceive better solutions.  Our young engineers detail their dragsters with spray paint, tape, and decals.  When race day arrives, the gym floor glistens as the speedsters roll down the track at speeds of 40mph! The competition gets intense!

    As an added bonus, 8th graders fabricate beautiful cutting boards that provide their home kitchens with a useful tool.


Last Modified on April 6, 2017