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    Extra Science Fun 
    Like Doing More Science On Your Own? Try these projects and citizen science activities found on the SciStarter website! 
    *Like chemistry? Test your fruit and vegetables for vitamin C using simple kitchen equipment and household items in this activity*
    *Chemistry your idea of fun? Discover what biomes live in your showerhead by swabbing and sending your sample into the Showerhead Biome project.*
    *Like video games? Purposeful Gaming is a project that explores how computer games can be used to enhance and preserve historical texts, such as 19th-century hand-written field notes and early agricultural catalogs*
    *Birdwatcher? The Birds and Berries project is seeking photographic observations of wild birds feeding on berries and other fruits*
    *Into bugs and other creepy-crawlies? Bugs In Our Backyard is an educational outreach and collaborative research program, providing project-based learning opportunities for K-12 students-- or anyone*
    *Love to look at Clouds? Join the NASA GLOBE Observer: Clouds Project. The goal is to help scientists understand the sky from above and below; the task is to photograph clouds, record sky observation and share them with NASA.*
    *Want to design molecules that will help fight diseases but do it in a fun way? Try out the Eterna Game website and see if you can develop RNA-based medicines to combat global diseases. *

     Links to Articles and Videos for Monthly Critiques
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