• Welcome to 4th grade!



    Dear Parents,
     Instead of the traditional website, 4th grade has created a Google+ Community to keep our parents in the loop with what is going on at school this year.  In order to see pictures of what we are doing in class, get announcements, and check on homework/long term projects, you must request to become a member. To do this please follow the link below. 
    We will post everything to Google community because it is a safe, private page and is easily accessible. We will add you to the classroom as you request. Since we haven't met all of you yet, please include whose parent you are in the request.
    Please note: you will need a Google Account to sign into our page. Once an account is created you can sign in from any mobile device or pc. If you have any questions please call or text me at 717-979-7651.
    Thank You,
    Mrs. Miller





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Last Modified on September 1, 2016