Principal's Message

  • In 1977, I was a kindergarten student at Lenkerville Elementary School.  As I journeyed through school, Mrs. Batzel, Mrs. Piccola, Mrs. Hepler, and Mr. Reiber were my teachers, and Mr. Alton Zerbe was my principal. In 2002, I became a teacher at Lenkerville, the same school in which I had spent my formative years.   I experienced the opportunity to teach with some of these same educators that I held in such high regard. Lenkerville is not only special to me; it is a memory that holds a special place in the hearts and minds of all of its past students. It is my hope that the current and future students benefit from the same experience I gained here.

    As my time at Lenkerville continues as the school’s principal, I hope it is clear to our families and visitors that we strive to be a school that focuses on the needs of each individual student, whether that need be specific to your child’s academics or personal growth. A teacher/parent partnership is one of the most effective ways to maximize your child’s potential. As your child’s educational journey begins at Lenkerville Elementary School, we encourage your partnership with us to start the children of our community down a path toward future success.


    Michael A. Lyter, Principal

    Lenkerville Elementary School

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